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Problem Solving Strategies


54th Street 

Problem Solving Strategies


Walk              Talk             Tell

Ideas For Successful Parenting

    P - is for patience because it takes time to grow up.


    A - is for active involvement in your child's life

          --know who they know

          --know where they are

          --know what they are doing

          --knowing who and what they are seeing

          --knowing who and what they are listening to


     R - is for the responsibility we have to provide guidance--even when

           our children don't want it.


     E - is for expecting the best from them at all times

          --as a person

          --as a student


     N - is for nurturing our children in ways that make them feel loved,

          wanted and safe.


     T - is for teaching them life's important values

          --respect for themselves, their families, their cultures and others




          --self discipline


     I - is for insisting that our children follow our rules and insisting

   that we are consistent and fair when we give consequences for not being          obedient.


     N - is for never giving up on them, even when they fail.


     G - is for giving them all the love we can give without end.


                 “It takes a village to raise a child.”


Behavioral Expectations


Common Area Expectations

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Be Respectful


I will . . .

  • Walk into and out of the auditorium
  • Sit back and sit still in my chair

I will . . .

  • Look and listen quietly
  • Follow directions at all times

I will . . .

  • Applaud at the appropriate times
  • Keep my hands and feet to myself

Main Office

I will . . .

  • Stay in view of adults

I will . . .

  • Have a pass or referral

I will . . .

  • Say “Excuse me,” before I speak
  • Use an inside voice


I will . . .

  • Walk into and out of the library
  • Sit in chairs appropriately

I will . . .

  • Handle all materials with care

I will . . .

  • Read and talk quietly
  • Follow all directions

Lunch Area / Pavilion

I will . . .

  • Sit and eat quietly
  • Line up quietly and wait to be served
  • Walk into and out of the cafeteria

I will . . .

  • Clean up my area
  • Throw trash in appropriate receptacles

I will . . .

  • Eat quietly
  • Raise my hand when I need to speak to an adult






I will . . .

  • Always walk in the hallways
  • Walk toward the middle-right of the hallway to allow for two-way traffic
  • Be aware of opening doors

I will . . .

  • Walk directly to and return from my destination
  • Carry a hall pass or referral

I will . . .

  • Speak quietly in hallways and only when necessary
  • Remember other students are learning


I will . . .

  • Walk appropriately up and down the stairs
  • Use the handrail at all times
  • I will utilize each step when walking up and down the stairs

I will . . .

  • Remember the safety expectations when walking in the stairwell


I will . . .

  • Speak quietly in the stairwells and only when necessary
  • Follow specific direction from adults while in the stairwell

Computer Lab

I will . . .

  • Walk into and out of the computer lab
  • Sit correctly in my assigned seat

I will . . .

  • Leave the computer lab neat and clean
  • Stay on task, completing the assignment given

I will . . .

  • Use a quiet inside voice when necessary
  • Manage my own work and computer


(Rainy Days)

I will . . .

  • Walk down the stairs to and into the restrooms
  • Carefully open and close stall doors



I will . . .

  • Walk directly to the basement restrooms and return to my assigned area
  • Use the restrooms as they were intended

I will . . .

  • Quietly walk through the basement area being respectful of students who are learning
  • Quietly use the restrooms





J Building

(Outside Restrooms)

I will . . .

  • Walk into and out of the restrooms
  • Carefully open and close bathroom stalls

I will . . .

  • Use the restrooms as they were intended
  • Leave restrooms when I done
  • Place garbage in appropriate receptacles

I will . . .

  • Respect the privacy of others
  • Keep the restrooms clean by using all materials appropriately

Play Areas

I will . . .

  • Follow all game rules
  • Play with equipment appropriately
  • Stay in my assigned play area

I will . . .

  • Walk, Talk, or Tell
  • Freeze at the bell and walk to my line at the whistle
  • Return play equipment to appropriate place

I will . . .

  • Stop playing and hold all equipment once the bell has rung
  • Play with all equipment appropriately
  • I will take turns and share

Line-up / Assembly

I will . . .

  • Walk to my line
  • Stay quiet during emergencies and drills

I will . . .

  • Stand quietly in line
  • Listen to and follow directions

I will . . .

  • Pay attention to presenters and speakers
  • I will follow the line procedures of my teacher

Dismissal & Dismissal Gates

I will . . .

  • Walk to my dismissal area or after school program
  • Wait for my parent / guardian before exiting gate

I will . . .

  • Remain at my dismissal gate until I am picked-up or the gate is locked
  • Go directly to my after school destination

I will . . .

  • Respect my school and neighborhood by walking on sidewalks and placing trash in appropriate receptacles
front of school


Principal - Haywood Thompson

APEIS - Eduardo Merino

SAA -  Maria Filiano

Contact Information

School Address

5501 Eileen Ave 

Los Angeles, CA 90043      


(323) 294-5275


(323) 298-0820             

K-5 Regular School Schedule

Warning Bell    7:55 am

Class Starts     8:00 am

Class Ends      2:19 pm

*See Calendar for Early Tuesday Dismissal

Recess / Lunch Schedule


   ETK                 9:45 am - 10:45 am

   TK/K                9:15 am - 9:45 am

   Grades 1,2      9:50 am - 10:10 am

   Grades 3,4,5  10:15 am - 10:35 am



    ETK                11:00 am - 11:30 am 

    TK/K               11:20 am - 12:00 pm

    Grades 1,2     11:25 am - 12:05 pm   

    Grades 3,4,5  12:10 pm - 12:50 pm


Cougar News

*School operates daily from 8:00am-2:19pm. Students should already be on campus when the warning bell rings at 7:55am. Attendance/tardies will be strictly monitored and will be referred chronically absent and tardy students to the Student Attendance and Review Board (SARB) per district policy. Students not in after school programs must be picked up promptly at 2:19pm.

*Breakfast/Tardy Students: Breakfast will continue to be served in the classroom beginning at 8am. Tardy students who arrive after that time must go to the office to get a tardy slip and go to the school library until the breakfast period is over at 8:20am.  If you know your child will be late, please feed them before they arrive at school.

*Traffic: Please drop off/pick up your child in a safe manner, observing all traffic rules and signs around the school. The Sheriff’s Traffic Enforcement or CHP may issue tickets.

*School Uniforms: We are now a uniform school and all students are strongly encouraged to wear them daily.The uniform consists of navy blue pants, shorts, skirts or skorts, Navy blue, light blue or white collar shirts. Shoes must be closed toe, lace up or have straps. No open toe sandals, slip-ons or flip flops allowed. All students are encourage to have a school spirit shirt to wear on special days and on field trips. Spirit shirts can be purchased (see order form in opening school packet/in the main office.)

*Volunteering: Requires a TB test with negative results that was done within 6 months of beginning as a volunteer on the school campus. See office staff for application.

*54th St. School is an award winning Nutrition Network school. Per LAUSD’s Healthy Eating Policy, the following unhealthy food/drink items are not allowed on campus: candy, hot chips/Cheetos, Takis, high sugar snacks such as donuts, cakes, cupcakes, sodas and sports drinks for snacks/lunch. Those items will be taken from students. We also do not allow birthday celebrations at school. There is a rise in the number of students who are allergic to the ingredients in many items served at parties. We thank you for supporting our effort to ensure that your child engages in healthy eating at school.

*All 54th St. School students are able to eat free breakfast and lunch one time per day. You are strongly encouraged to send healthy snacks such as veggies, yoghurt, cheese/crackers and fruit for your child to eat during recess or after school.

*Students will not be allowed to take medication of any kind at school without written directions from the doctor on a District Request for Medicine Administration form which is available in the main office. All medicines are kept locked in the Main Office. Expired medications will not be administered. Students may not keep medicine in their backpacks. Please alert your child’s teacher and the office of any allergies that your child may have.

Great News!

*All K-5 students will be issued a school iPad for use in the classroom daily to support their learning!

*Students will be using many great programs to support them: Imagine Learning, a Language Arts program is one of their favorites. 

*We have added partnerships that will support students academically and provide enrichment experiences.

* We are continuing our academic and athletic competitions, performances, talent show and project based learning displays.


We, the 54th St. School Staff, look forward to working with you to maximize your child’s academic achievement and social growth this school year. Thank you for your support!



* Escuela funciona todos los días de 8:00-14:14. Los estudiantes ya deben estar en campus cuando la campana de aviso suena en 7:55. Asistencia/tardanzas será estrictamente monitorizadas y será referidos alumnos crónicamente ausentes y llegadas tarde a la asistencia de los estudiantes y de tablero (SARB) por distrito. No en los estudiantes después de programas de la escuela deben ser recogidos puntualmente en 14:14.

* Desayuno/tarde estudiantes:Desayuno continuará a ser servido en el comienzo del aula en 8. Tardanzas estudiantes que lleguen después de ese tiempo debe ir a la oficina a conseguir una tardanza e ir a la biblioteca de la escuela hasta el período de vacaciones está en 8:20. Si ustedsabe su hijo será tarde, por favor alimentarlos antes de que lleguen a la escuela.

* Tráfico: Por favor drop off y recoger su hijo en una manera segura, observando todas las normas de tráfico y señales alrededor de la escuela. Del Sheriff cumplimiento de tráfico u OOO puede emitir billetes.

* Uniformes escolares: ahora somos una escuela uniforme y todos los estudiantes se recomienda usarlas diariamente.El uniforme consta de pantalones azules marino, pantalones cortos, faldas o pantalones cortos, camisas de la Marina de guerra, azul claro, azul o blanca collar. Los zapatos deben estar cerrados del dedo del pie, cordón o tienen tirantes. No sandalias dedo abierto, slip-ons o flip flops permitidos. Todos los estudiantes son alentar a tener una camiseta de espíritu de escuela para usar en días especiales y excursiones. Pueden adquirirse camisas de espíritu (ver formulario de pedido en la apertura de paquetes escolares/en la oficina principal.)

* Voluntariado: requiere un examen de TB con resultados negativos que se realizó dentro de 6 meses de inicio como voluntario en la escuela.Ver personal de la oficina para la aplicación.

* Visitar un aula:Los padres pueden visitar el salón de su hijo periódicamente para observar a su hijo durante un período de instrucción. Usted está obligado por la política de LAUSD para registrarse y obtener de un visitante del personal de oficina. Usted no puede hablar con el profesor o cualquier alumno, incluyendo a su hijo durante la visita. Por favor deja un mensaje en la oficina para el profesor si quieres le contactaremos.

* 54th St School es un galardonado de escuela de la red de nutrición. Por política comiendo saludable de LAUSD, los siguientesmalsana comida/bebida artículos no están permitidos en el campus: caramelo, virutas calientes/Cheetos, Takis, aperitivos de alto nivel de azúcar como donuts, tortas, pastelitos, refrescos y bebidas para snacks/almuerzo de deportes. Esos artículos se tomarán de los estudiantes. También no permitir las celebraciones de cumpleaños en la escuela. Hay un aumento en el número de estudiantes que son alérgicos a los ingredientes de muchos artículos servidos en las fiestas. Gracias por apoyar nuestro esfuerzo para asegurar que su hijo se dedica a la alimentación saludable en la escuela.

*Todos 54th St estudiantes son capaces de comer el desayuno y el almuerzo una vez al día. Se le exhorta a Enviar meriendas saludables como verduras, yogur, queso/galletas y fruta para su hijo a comer durante el recreo o después de la escuela.

* Sstudiante no se permitirá tomar medicamentos de ninguna clase en la escuela sin direcciones escritas del doctor en una solicitud de distrito para la administración de medicina forma que está disponible en la oficina principal. Todos los medicamentos se mantienen bloqueados en la oficina principal. No administrará medicamentos caducados. Los estudiantes no pueden mantener la medicina en sus mochilas. Por favor, alerta la maestra y la oficina de cualquier alergia que tenga a su hijo.

¡ Buenas noticias!

* Todos los estudiantes de K-5 se emitirá una escuela IPad para uso en el aula diariamente para apoyar su aprendizaje!

* Los estudiantes utilizarán grandes programas para apoyarlos: Imagine Learning, un programa de Artes del lenguaje es uno de sus favoritos.

* Hemos añadido asociaciones que apoyan a los estudiantes académicamente y proporcionar experiencias de enriquecimiento.

* Continuamos nuestros concursos académicos y deportivos, espectáculos, show de talentos y aprendizaje basado en pantallas del proyecto.

Nosotros, los 54th St School Staff, esperamos trabajar con usted para maximizar el rendimiento académico y social crecimiento este año de la escuela de su hijo. Gracias por tu apoyo!

LAUSD Wellness Policy


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School Wellness Champion