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Chess Tutors

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Develop academic readiness; improve areas of growth in memory improvement, logic, observation and analysis and theory and concept conditioning.



The curriculum teaches methods in interactive participation.  Provides each student who signs up for the chess club with a chess set.  Participation in chess tournaments every 8 weeks moving towards increased levels.


Chess Tutors

WCWMAD Mentoring and Tutoring



The goal:  

To promote the social and emotional development of students.



Utilizing group format to actively engage students in exploring and developing their self concepts, coping skills, problem-solving skills and interpersonal skills. To provide academic enrichment to children who may need extra assistance in the morning, and to encourage children with an "I can Do" attitude for achieving goals.

Music Class


Here every Monday teaching the students about different kinds of music. 

Generation Exchange


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Generation Xchange is a program that brings older adults into public elementary schools to support the academic and behavioral achievements of K-3 students while simultaneously improving the cognitive and physical skills of volunteers. 

Spanish Class



54th Street Introduces Spanish Classes for all students. 

Monday & Wednesday - TKE, Kinder, 1st, and 2nd grades

Tuesday & Thursday - 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades

Mon, Wed, Thur @ 2:45-3:45pm

Tues @ 1:45-2:45pm


Soccer For Success

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TKE-5th Grade

WCWMAD Performing Arts



The goal is for children to be able to understand basic concepts of dance styles, receive and respond to instruction, work as a team and build confidence.  To increase reading skills.  Increase listening and comprehension skills.  Build confidence by performing in front of a live audience. Acquire public speaking skills. 



Teach modern dance, jazz dance, hip-hop dance.  Perform short movement programs, emphasizing the elements of time (e.g.., varied tempos, rhythmic patterns counting). Develop a dance phrase that has a sense of unity.  Demonstrate partner skills (e.g.., imitating and leading/following).